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Couplemate ® Marriage Saver

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Couplemate® trailer guides are popular reversing aids for caravans, campers and boat trailers.

The Marriage Saver ™


NOTE: Does not fit Treg, AT35, Oz Hitch or Hyland Hitch.

(CM001) Couple-mate The Trailer Guide and Lock

I was a real dope hitching up the trailer. You don't have to look at the dints in the back of my car, just ask my wife. She's an expert at giving me instructions!

The Couplemate® trailer guide and lock now allows me to escape the packup and go when camping has finished.

Hitching Up the caravan or in my case, the boat, now takes me takes SECONDS to do it right, just ask Debbie as she's the one who does all the packing up now.

NOTE: Does not fit Treg, AT35, Oz Hitch or Hyland Hitch.

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(CM020) Couple-mate Offroad Trailer Guide
The new Off-Road version is stronger, wider to accept Treg Couplings,  Off-road Poly Block Couplers and Black ElectroGal finishes have been developed to reduce rust problems
The Off-road Coupling has been updated and released from 2006.
How to Use: Select the right height so the coupler will make contact with the removable wings then simply back you car to within 1 meter.
Check car and coupling are aligned then back car into Off-road Coupling to Align directly over the pin.

Why have we re-released this product?

All you Mums and Dads kept asking our Show Exhibitors (Garry and Denise Turner, Permatrim) for a solution problems hitching up your coupling.

How could we refuse. We invested in new tooling to create new dies and invested in a new coating to prevent rust and we then went into production.

We are very happy to present this new product to you at shows and your favourite Caravan and 4WD dealers around Australia.

Landing into our Brisbane Warehouse 13th September. Only 400 units in this first delivery.

You can thank Garry Turner for this product coming back to the markets.

Is it patented? Sure is.


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