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(CM550) 13mm x 13,500 KG Safety Chain ElectroGal® Holder - Pair

Safety Chain Holders are a mandatory requirement on all trailers over 3500kg.

Coated with Black weldable ElectroGal® to help prevent rust.

ADR Requirements

13.4. ‘Towbars’ – Over 3.5 tonnes ‘ATM’ – Safety Chain Attachments

13.4.1. Except for vehicles designed for use in ‘Road Trains’, the ‘Towbar’ must be fitted with two safety chain attachments, mounted either side of and adjacent to, the tow ‘Coupling’.
13.4.2. Each safety chain attachment provided on the ‘Towbar’ must withstand at least the following static forces, separately applied, without incurring any residual deformation that would interfere or degrade the function of the assembly or any breaks, cracks or separation of components. The static forces must be maintained for not less than 10 seconds: Longitudinal tension in accordance with clause; and vertical tension in accordance with clause
13.4.3. ‘Towbar’ safety chain attachments must be fixed to a part of the ‘Towbar’ which is permanently attached to the vehicle. Means of permanent attachment include at least either welding or bolting.

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(CM105) 1600kg DIY independent Suspension Kit

DIY Independent Suspension has been developed by Couplemate and features.

  • Upgradable Coil Springs Replaceable and Upgradeable Stub Axles.
  • Max Compression 70mm @ 1600kg
  • Camber is factory set to zero at full load.
  • Zero camber is the result of research into upper frame rigidity providing integral strength to the entire trailer suspension system.
  • Install mudguards 110mm above tyre. 75mm compression + 35mm shock loading.

Price is for left and right hand side. (not including braking system)

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