10t tow ball collar solves a problem mounting 10t tow ball mounted on a ute tray back. The customer felt his existing installation needed strength as it would not withstand the loads asserted by a 10t gooseneck coupling.

The 10t tow ball was mounted on 10mm plate and bolted between chassis rails.

10t tow ball dimensions are as follows:

  • Length 190mm
  • Threaded length 48mm
  • Total shank 87.3mm
  • Thread diameter 44.4mm
  • Shank diameter 50.6mm

We agreed and produced a 120mm x 36mm axle collar.

This collar provided a broader base for the tow ball to distribute the load from the gooseneck horse float.

We chose K1045 due to its higher strength capacity over milder steels,

Finally, Check your D-Value here


Should you lubricate your tow ball?

10t Tow Ball Collar