Couplemate has long considered launching a wholesale portal, offering free freight to business is inspired by the entry of Amazon into the Australian caravan market.

free freightAmazon, as you know, will come to Australia possible in 2018. This move is creating a lot of sleepless night for some entrepreneurs.

Gerry Harvey comes to mind, but you know what? Gerry is such a good business man with a great business model where even bad news is good for business. Mr Gerry is one of Australian’s businessmen, like Dick Smith, so I am sure the wind we hear generates good sales. Free advertising is fantastic, and the media fall for it every time.

Gerry is one of Australian’s greatest business men, like larrikins Dick Smith and John Singleton. I am sure the wind we hear generates significant sales from media circus exposure. Free advertising is fantastic, and the media fall for it every time.

The effect of Amazon will be amazing if the American template is any indication. Free freight, same day dispatch, fantastic warranty, returns accepted for wrong colours or something you have broken while unpacking. What a fantastic company and an example for us all to aspire.

Small, innovative manufacturing businesses, like Couplemate, must learn from the likes of Amazon and Walmart or perish.

Wholesale Customers

So I am announcing a few initiatives as we move towards our goal of the fantastic service already described.

  • Wholesale customers can now apply online cash online accounts.
  • Wholesale online prices are fantastic for products manufactured by Couplemate.
  • Free Freight is a component of Wholesale Pricing.
  • Retail pricing is displayed above the wholesale pricing, so shoppers are not deceived by what appears to be a good buy.
  • Sorry, we are not extending free freight to account customers. Honestly, our 30-day account customers already enjoy great pricing.
  • Products not manufactured by Couplemate, will not be as competitive because we are a re-seller however, we have increased our stocking levels, so we have great availability.
  • Warranty: If the product you have purchased has a manufacturing fault we will replace it at our cost. If a product becomes faulty through misuse, it is not be covered by warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover perishables like bearings.

Wholesale Customers and businesses can join us by clicking this link.

Retail Customers

Retail customers will be our biggest test. We have so many things we must get right for you. Here are some of the things we can do right now.

  • Home delivery.
  • Free freight on some items.
  • Same day dispatch. (except axles)
  • Large choice of freight carriers to select.
  • Freight calculators on our product page.
  • Couplemate is a member of the Australian made campaign.
  • No question policy on warranty issues where the product has a manufacturers fault. We will replace or refund, the choice is yours. We pay for goods returns and assessments.

There may be occasions when items are out of stock due to high, unexpected sales volumes. We apologise on these occasions and promise to upgrade your consignment to first out the door when stock arrives and use Express Post where your products are under 3kg.

We have no plans at this stage, to include New Zealand and other countries in our free shipping program.