There are many truck and trailer merchants around asking, how on earth did you damage your pintle hook? Well, I installed your pintle hook and ring coupling equipment like you said and within one month this equipment is ruined and likely to cause an accident. Unless you really know your trailer there are various answers, all of which are pointing towards the customer. However, it is not the customer’s fault his equipment is not working as it should. Pintle HookThe first question is this ring coupling ADR approved and does it have a CRN. The answer is yes, yes.

How do I check ADR Approval or a CRN? (click this link)

Click here Then how did it become so damaged. ADR says the ring must endure 2,000,000 repetitive or simultaneous compressions at full load. Sure this product should last for years. When using a Pintle Hook – ring coupling combinations, there are key factors that should be taken in to account to ensure there is very little wear on either part.

Key Points

  1. Make sure the Pintle Hookstow rings are horizontal. Go out and buy the longest builders level you can find. It is a 2.5mtr level. Measure the ground and then put it on your trailer. The trailer must be level with the ground to begin. See your trailer builder if you cannot attain level with air bags or an adjustable pintle adaptor. An uneven connection will result in wear either top or bottom of the ring coupling.
  2. The drawbar should be kept at a minimal length. The longer the drawbar will result in the ring coupling riding uneven on the pintle hook. This will result in excessive wear of the ring coupling.
  3. Spread the load equally over your axles with up 10% load on your coupling.
  4. Trailer axles should be set up as recommended. The centre of the tandem axles should be 60% front of trailer – 40% rear of the trailer ( not including drawbar). With a short towbar, this will ensure the tongue weight will be stable.
  5. The same applies to pintle hook/tow ball combos.

Pintle HookRecommended Pintle Hooks

We recommend the low wear Couplemate unit CM532 (ADR APPROVED ) in this particular case. We have helped fleets of trucks tow better, save on fuel and tyre wear with ADR approved products.

What are some of the problems with non-certified equipment?

  1. Non-certified equipment has not been approved by the Department of Transport Administrator nor do they have a letter of approval with a CRN. This is your protection against cheap, untested imports
  2. Some equipment has been copied incorrectly and sold as aftermarket product without CRN.
  3. Product failure occurs frequently with a non-certified product. Product failure can also occur through incorrect trailer setup.

It a product has a CRN and is approved then look elsewhere for failure as you can be assured this equipment is not likely to be the cause of the problem. If you have trouble with your towing setup, talk to Bruce, Christopher or Mike on 0733483822.

Finally, check your equipment is chosen by the D-Value chart located by clicking this link.

How does a Pintle Hook work?