This How to Clean your Air Conditioner secret will knock $$$millions of electricity bills nationally so listen carefully and share. May even STOP a few blackouts.

Air Conditioner seldom get attention and their electricity power usage can be just outrageous.

You have cleaned the filter in the head and yes, it was already pretty clean.

This air conditioner condenser is the culprit. It is dirty from grass, lint, dog hair or you name it and it has been sucked into the aluminium condenser fins.

So I stick the hose in here and wash out? No, no, no….al you will do is damage the fragile aluminium fins with high water pressure.

See the image on top? Follow this sequence:

  • Turn it off.
  • Undo the screws or otherwise remove the grill.
  • Use a normal garden hose on say half pressure or enough pressure to wash out the dirt and grim the same way it entered the condenser.
  • The condenser fins are extremely fragile, do not touch them or they will bend. They cannot be returned to original position. I have already made this mistake.
  • Clean is difficult because you will have to rotate the fan to do it properly.
  • When you think you are finished, inspect and replace the grill.

So what you have done is increase cooling efficiency. Your room will get colder more quickly and your air conditioner will start cycling off when the room gets to temperature.

Now you will find 24 degrees is quite cool, not like before.

For those technically minded, air conditioners cool via a differential. Selecting 18 degrees does not mean the air coming out is 18 degrees. This setting is useless to use, do not do it unless you are an Eskimo.

Example, ambient room temperature is 30 degrees. Air from the conditioner will only be 26 degrees at best, air expelled outside will be 34 degrees.

The differential is 4 degrees.

When ambient is down to 29 then air temperature is 25 and the expelled air is 33 degrees. Your ratios are 29:25:33

If your setting is 24 degrees and output is 24 and the expelled air is 24 then the air conditioner goes into cycling mode using very little power. The ratio is 24:24:24

24 Degrees is quite cool and will take some time to achieve because your whole house is 24 degrees on the inside.

My son believes air from outside is cooled and brought inside, the hot air is expelled outside. Explaining the gaseous heat transfer process was met with that yeah, right look.

Here is a good Choice magazine article on how to clean your air conditioner.

How to Clean your Air Conditioner